Welcome to Magnum Inc.

Magnum Inc. is a private financial services firm specializing in Commerical Mortgage Investment Banking. Since 1990, we have helped small corporations, governments, real estate investors, and individuals reach financial objectives. We customize structured financial solutions for a select group of clientele and investors. Clients have come to rely on our expertise, our commitment to client service and our innovative approach to problem solving.

Services We Offer Magnum Inc. Staff

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Our truly global capabilities allow us to quickly arrange all project financing needs - whether they are for big business enterprises, world governments, or high net worth individuals.

We offer a loan program that can be tailored to many situations including (but not limited to); multi-family, office, industrial, retail, assisted living, mixed use, purchase, construction, and raw land.

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The Staff of Magnum Inc. represents many years of experience in the following areas of the Financial Services Industry;

Commercial Mortgage Financing from Commercial Banking, Commercial Mortgages from the Investment Banking perspective, Commercial Mortgages from the Private Investor, and many years of networking with Banks, Insurance Companies, and other Financial Entities.

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