Frequently Asked Questions
I have a project, which needs funding. How do I submit my package to you?

Please complete an application forms found under the Services page, and explain what type of financing you need and the nature of your project. We will then review your request and determine if there is a level of interest in your project. If so, we will contact you with further recommendations or instructions. If you have a Business Plan available, you may send that along with your application, but it is not necessary at this early stage.

Is there a minimum or maximum amount of capital I can request?

The minimum amount of capital that can be requested for domestic (US) commercial loan is $2 million. The minimum for an international commercial loan is $10 million. There is no maximum limit on the amount requested.

What should be included in a funding package?

We will provide you with a list of required documentation for submitting your loan package. At a later stage, there may be additional information requests by a specific funder. We will assist you in all areas to ensure that proper documentation is presented to the funder to facilitate a prompt reply.

How long will it take you to reply to my initial request?

Unless the request is unusual or complex, we will generally reply within two business days.

Are you a lender?

Magnum Inc. is not a lender. We are a firm that connects businesses seeking capital with investors with capital. The advantage in working with us is that we already have an established network of lenders and investors so we do not have to go out to find sources.

Do you require a retainer fee?

No, we never charge a retainer fee.

Are there any other costs for your services?

Our fees are based on each individual project, and will be quoted at the initial request.

What are the total costs?

Our fees, as quoted at the initial request, plus any fees and costs as may be required by the lender and outlined in the loan proposal.

Why may it be necessary for you to compose or edit our Business Plan?

A good Business Plan is the most important tool you have when requesting funding. Please bear in mind you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Our experience has shown that a good business plan which provides prospective investors with everything they need and in the format they prefer, gets immediate attention of the investor and may make the difference between getting funded or not getting funded.

Can I be of help to you during the funding process?

Yes. First, be very sure you are prepared to proceed. Since we put our best effort into each funding request, you must be prepared to work with us in putting together information to achieve the best results you require. We will request that you provide an Executive Summary and a full Business Plan that conforms to the guidelines we set forth.

Is it necessary to meet with you?

Occasionally, we, or an investor, may wish to meet with you at a later point in time, but it isn't always necessary.

How long does it take to close?

Once a lending institution has approved the project, it depends entirely upon how quickly the client responds to any additional requests for documentation from the funder. The process may take as little as a couple of weeks for offshore/debt finance, or up to 180 days for equity/venture capital. Most often, it is less.

I am a broker. Can I present you my client's requests?

Yes. We honor all arrangements between brokers, attorneys, accountants, etc., and their clients. We offer full protection of fees and commissions; tenets of non-disclosure and non-circumvention apply.