Commercial Loan Program

Although mortgage bankers are plentiful, we offer our clients the following benefits:

Our closing process is simple; about the shortest in the industry.

We offer the most competitive interest rates.

Our Commercial Loan Program Features:

Direct and Private Lenders specializing in commercial real estate secured buy income producing properties.

Loan types: multi-family, office, industrial, retail, assisted living, mixed use, purchase, construction, and raw land.

Bridge Loans

Mezzanine Loans

Loan Criteria

Our loans are tailored to the needs of the borrower. We offer fast funding loans from $1,000,000 to $50,000,000 on properties nationwide. Terms and repayment structure is flexible and negotiable. We structure your loan to meet your needs.

Applying for Financing

The Online Loan Application can be accessed here.

or Submit by Fax to (402 476 6515)