Magnum Inc. Staff

The Staff of Magnum Inc. represents many years of experience in the following areas of the Financial Services Industry.

Commercial Mortgage Financing from Commercial Banking; the experience from the Assistant gathering of data, to the Loan Officer analyzing the data, to the CEO and Loan Committee passing on the final loan approval.

Commercial Mortgages from the Investment Banking perspective, which includes but is not limited to Taxable, Tax Exempt Bonds and Private Placements.

Commercial Mortgages from the Private Investor; this method is used most often in more complicated projects, and projects that require fast closings.

The other aspect is from the many years of networking with Banks, Insurance Companies, and other Financial Entities. Many of these relationships (approximately 300) were created over a period of several years by providing very large public deposits to their organizations.

This vast array of past experiences of our Staff makes Magnum Inc the logical source for you Commercial Funding needs.